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Photographer Minneapolis

  • Steffen Sharikov

    Steffen Sharikov

    OWNER | Photo & Video

    Steffen Sharikov is a double shot of espresso that loves Jesus and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Steffen is a published, award-winning content creator with a goal to capture the energy and emotions that speak about each and every talent he works with. He is currently on hiatus from med school to help achieve their dreams and fullest potential in the industry. If he isn't on set, you’ll find him making breakfast burritos, writing poetry, being a wanna-be dog owner, recording music with the Sharikov, and creating a change in the Russian speaking countries with his non-profit organization. Steffen treasures long-lasting relationships and looks forward to getting to know you, your friends and family.

  • Vickie Olsen

    Vickie Olsen

    Associate | Photo

    Vickie is a wonderful photographer with a keen eye to art and creativity that will move the soul. She moved from Tokyo to MN in Aug of 2019 and got married to the love of her life, Michael. Vickie was born in Taiwan and has lived in Shanghai, Michigan, Tokyo and now Minnesota. Besides photography, She loves trying new food (big foodie!), visiting local coffee shops, traveling, having great conversations, and sharing ideas and life stories with others. 



    Makeup Artist

    Jesus has a delicate touch that makes each and every person he works with feel absolutely gorgeous. His first introduction to makeup was working at a cosmetics counter at a retail store over 10 years ago. Being an artist in his younger years, a new medium to work with was exciting. Jesus is intrigued by all of the possibilities of creating beautiful work with cosmetics. He had the opportunity to train with luxury beauty brands such as Lancôme, NARS, and Tom Ford. Over the years, Jesus developed a range of skills that have perfected his craftsmanship and expanded his creativity. Jesus truly enjoys the process of creating looks that people truly admire and cherish for a lifetime.

  •  Val


    Associate | Video

    Val is truly a blessing to be around and will not only get the job done but also goes above and beyond with his passion and energy. When he isn’t editing, Val can be found spending time with his wife Tatiana and their four daughters. With experience in both corporate/brand shoots and weddings, he is very comfortable on set and is always going out of his way to ensure aesthetics meet functionality within any project. Val takes his time to listen to his clients’ needs and vision to put together a film that conveys and captures a message that is not only memorable, but moving and impactful. Some of his favorite activities outside of creating beautiful, memoriable pieces of content are playing basketball, listening to music, and sponsoring his friends’ lifestyles through Texas Hold’em. One day when the kids get older, he plans to own an African Grey Parrot named Earnie. 

  • Trae

    Itraeu Compton

    Associate | Photo

    With over 13 years of experience, Itraeu Compton is a highly skilled Fashion and Product photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His expertise encompasses commercial fashion and editorial photoshoots, and he has also delved into the realm of commercial product photography, always eager to explore new avenues for creative expression.

    Itraeu's photographic journey commenced at MCTC, where he meticulously refined his craft and acquired profound insights into the industry. He boasts proficiency in studio lighting techniques and now dedicates his efforts to expanding his client base and enhancing his portfolio.

    His true passion lies in collaborative endeavors with individuals from diverse backgrounds, consistently striving to craft memorable and impactful photoshoots for all participants involved.