Social Media Editing and Management

Social Media Done Right for You

At Steffen Studios, we offer comprehensive social media management services to elevate your online presence. Our services cover everything from crafting engaging content and expert editing to strategic, timely posts on major social media platforms. Partner with us to save both time and money while effectively promoting your brand!

Additionally, we provide professional consultations on equipment, setup, and ensuring a seamless content creation process, all included in our services.

If you have a special and/or large projects, we offer custom and bundle pricing to get you the best prices.

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Short Form Content

  • Under 60 Seconds
  • Captions
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • Minimum 4/month
  • Vertical Format for Social Media Platforms

Long Form Content

  • 2-30 minuets
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • Optional: Vertical Format for Social Media Platforms


  • 45+ minuets


Contact for price

  • Available Platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube/Youtube Shorts, TikTok, and more
  • Includes posting on social media platforms of your choosing.