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There have been some massive changes brewing over the last few years in the world of photography, and 360-degree photography is one of the latest technology advances that’s making waves in the industry. But what does it do, and what are the advantages of using 360-degree photography for corporate events? Steffen Studios wants you to know how 360 photography can benefit so you can make the most of this technology for you and your business. 

As virtual reality is the future, 360 photography fits right in! 360-degree photos are made with a 360-degree camera, which stitches together multiple photos to create one seamless final image. 360-degree photos create a complete picture of the room you want to remember, the people who were there, and the memories you want to hold on to. This helps when you know a moment can’t be captured by a single photo alone, and creating an immersive experience is the key to staying up with the latest trends.

360-degree photos can even help you in various interactive ways, such as creating virtual tours and showing off venues, real estate spaces, buildings, businesses, etc. With this technology, clients get to see the area that they want to purchase, have their event in, or visit without actually having to go there. Using 360-degree photography as a marketing tool gives companies a competitive edge over those who are not using this concept in their business in terms of product and service awareness. Additionally, customers have the ability to “re-visit” a place or event and examine the details in 360-degree.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this technology and need a 360 photographer in Minneapolis, give me a call at (952) 446-5659 or email me at work@steffensharikov.com. I am Steffen Sharikov, the founder of Steffen Studios. I am a published content creator with a goal to capture the energy and emotions that speak about each and every talent I work with. I am currently on hiatus from med school to help people achieve their dreams and fullest potential in their respective industries through photography and videography. Call or email me today and start showing off your space! Pricing starts at only $449!! Visit the website to learn more, or get in touch with me by clicking here.