The Impact Of COVID-19 On Photographer, Videographers, and Artists

Author: Steffen Sharikov | | Categories: COVID-19 , Photographer , Videographer

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The unfortunate part about the COVID-19 pandemic is that for the most part, photography and videography is an in-person activity so was put on hold. It is not something that we can work on remotely, but we were able to get it done by taking as many precautions as possible. With the Government implementing nationwide lockdowns at the beginning of the pandemic, we found ourselves in a difficult position as we could not handle a lot of our work. We did not stay idle for long as we’re working on making changes and editing footage that we already had with us.

Additionally, for the most part, photography and videography are a part of larger events, and almost all of them, whether weddings, conferences, and other celebrations coming to a standstill, there was not much that we as photographers could do.

COVID-19 has been hard for all of us, and it is crucial to stay safe. After lifting the restrictions slowly, we started working by paying attention to all the rules we had to follow to keep everyone safe. While we were concerned about the team, we were also concerned about everyone working with us.

When it comes to events or coming up with interesting photoshoot ideas, people are scared to create because of the virus. They would all rather be safe than sorry and stay indoors until the pandemic gets better under control.

We had to make a lot of changes in the way that we were working. We changed a lot of things that we were not open to in the past, and started working on meeting client requirements as we could not be picky with work barely coming in. We did not make changes to our communication patterns as most of our clients used to get in touch with us through our website or over the phone, which we were alright with considering the pandemic. We use most of the communication software our clients use to make getting in touch with us easy. We use Whatsapp, Zoom, regular call and text as well, and we are open to moving to new tools if they are a necessity.

For the most part, we work remotely, but many artists had to make adjustments, but we will get through this together. We had a lot of the props and other requirements within our office, so it made sense that we work from there. However, as people did not want to work from the office, we were open to making changes and working outdoors, whenever needed.

When we are working from the office or studio, we make sure we are following the rules put together by the Government. While we had a larger number of people at the office, we are now working with a total of 45, as we have a 50% cap on the number of people coming in. When it comes to editing and post-production changes, we communicate with the team and they get it done remotely.

Everyone entering the office or studio has to follow the rules, and there are no exceptions. We make sure that the people we work with wear masks when they are entering the studio. There are other changes as well, we have hand sanitizers all over the studio, and people can use them whenever they need. Additionally, we regularly disinfect the studio so that others feel safe about coming into work.

We do not have a fixed number of hours that we work with our clients, and we make sure we work to get the job done. We did not make changes to our work situation and are putting the same number of hours into work as we are not sure of more work coming in. We work hard to take on everything that comes in and make sure that the people we are working with are always happy with the results.

As we are taking all the precautions, we are open to meeting people in person as all shoots and filming has to be in person. Additionally, I am willing to travel as long as everyone feels safe and comfortable working with us. 

The pandemic made it harder to simply create and be creative. With people getting sick, others are afraid to get sick. We encourage everyone to wear masks, sanitize and little hope in our hearts that things will get better soon.

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